Why Packaging Design is So Important

A big part of your small business’s brand is rolled up in packaging design.  Knowing this, it goes without saying that your packaging supplies should be stand-out amongst the established names  and products that consumers are familiar with and automatically drawn to.

There needs to be a reason for a customer to pick up your product, and that usually has a lot to do with the packaging design  (I will admit that I once bought new shampoo and conditioner for the sole reason that it was “cute”).  There are 5 helpful strategies for developing successful packaging design:

TIP 1: what makes packaging supplies successful? First, is it functional?  Does it accomplish the job of simultaneously protecting and advertising the product?  Product information needs to be displayed but it also needs to be creative.

TIP 2: Your packaging needs to reflect the quality of your product.  There’s not a whole lot you can do for packaging a plunger, but just about everything else should reflect what you think about what you are trying to sell.  It is apparent which companies have a team of dedicated and creative personnel that sit around and brainstorm about the best way to represent something (Mad Men, anyone?).


TIP 3: On the other hand, creativity doesn’t mean that your packaging supplies should read as chaotic and confusing.  If anything, creativity is a unique opportunity to be concise.  Simple beauty almost always trumps exaggeration.

TIP 4: Find a way to make the product physically and virtually appealing.  Said what?  When selling a product on shelves in stores it needs to stand out from all of the other products.  When selling a product online you need to communicate your product visually, attempting to fill in the blanks for the other senses.  Finding something that can communicate on both platforms is ideal.  You don’t really want your product to look different in stores than it does online.

TIP 5: Not everyone in a small business has all of the knowledge and skills needed to make it successful.  And that’s okay!  That’s what out-sourcing and seeking help is all about.  The important part is realizing and accepting that you need the help.  If hiring an actual team to handle your packaging design simply isn’t in the budget, than another option is meeting with a packaging consultant.  A packaging consultant can help you develop some awesome packaging supplies all while keeping a healthy respect for the budget..


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